Eugenia L. Bassani

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It is with great pleasure that I accepted to introduce Dr. Bassani’s (to me simplyAunt Eugenia) book “Biophysics and Pulsology”, since it is also thanks to my insistence that it has now come to light.

In the past many earnestly waited for my father Bruno’s book, in the hope that his “cultural encyclopaedia” combined with his great clinical experience, set in black and white, could become a practice and lifestyle guide for those who followed, myself included: regrettably this work of art never came to life.

So it is with mixed joy and emotion that I at long last witness the birth of a Bassani opera, which finally offers practitioners the gift of her vast humanitarian and scientific experience.

First as an immunologist, later as an acupuncturist, then as bio-therapist, Aunt Eugenia has collected, day by day, the pieces of her lifetime mosaic - embodied in chemistry, physics, acupuncture, homeopathy, astrology and psychology - so that her compendium is at last designed.

Certainly a book cannot sufficiently represent an individual of such greatness, nor can it teach young practitioners absolute truths or recipes on the how’s and why’s of practice, but it can help stimulate those who are searching for a holistic approach towards human beings, the laws and, especially, the variables impacting upon their world.

Extraordinary how the book delves into PNEI, holistic medicine, fractals, psycho-dynamics etc., concepts which Dr. Bassani has spoken about with natural ease and candour for many years (when up until just a few ago no one evenunderstood their significance) and on which today many actually base their latest scientific endeavours.

I believe that from this book, which is not a mere recipe book nor a series of already stated and restated (albeit in different formats) concepts, we will discover a way of living and of behaving towards patients. I believe it can demonstrate, if need be, that medicine is still an art of reason as well as a means of finding the answers directly in the patient: lets learn to read the signs.

Luciano Bassani

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