Eugenia L. Bassani

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I dedicate this work to the State of Michigan University, my Alma Mater.

To my brother Bruno, a Superior Doctor: specialist in neurology, physiatry; friend and partner in my intellectual interests, my grateful thought, remembering his love for original research, his professional honesty and courage.

With Bruno, for many years I followed the path over undiscovered grounds, sharing our exalting experiences.

To the “scientist” S. G. who withobstinate, persistent stubbornness fights to preserve“official medical practice” from the dangerous contamination of Chinese Traditional Medicine of“unproved” efficiency.

The Chinese say: he who is wise keeps silent, he who knows not, speaks loud.

To my whole family; to the many very special friends; to the countless patients, who have given me trust, support, stimulus; to each, so unique, to everyone so important, I would like to say thank you! individually. I shall gather them ideally together into one great: Thanks!

To this work I offer my material and immaterial transcendence.

Eugenia Bassani
biologist – acupuncturist

Order and Chaos
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