Eugenia L. Bassani

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About the Author

Eugenia Bassani

Eugenia L. Bassani was born in Senigallia (Ancona, Italy) in 1913.

She was raised in an enlightened, cosmopolitan, cultured family and milieu.

Her initial studies give her a wide classics humanistic background, together with the knowledge of foreign languages. Such plan of studies helped to develope the natural gifts of an inquisitive mind, together with a strong imagination. These characters late were applied to love for research, steady freedom of thought, independence from any dogmatism.

  • 1930. After humanistic high school, she starts scientific program at the University of Ferrara, where in 1934 she graduates in Chemistry and in 1935 she graduates in Pharmacology.
  • 1935 – 1938. She works for the Colonial Minister as a chemical-pharmacist.
  • 1940 – 1948.She works in Clinical Laboratories in Hospitals (H. Netter in Paris; Sydenham Hospital and French Hospital, in New York Ciy, USA; Sharon, Pennsylvania; Cincinnati, Ohio; Niles, Michigan; Oceanside, California.
  • At the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor she obtains a Master in Public Health and a Diplome as Technician in Chemical Pathology.
  • 1948 –1958. She directs her own Chemical Laboratory in Milan, Italy.
  • In 1956 she is accepted by Dr. Niboyet at the GIEM, for enterprising studies of the CTM under the tutoring of Dr. Quaglia Senta, of Torino, Italy.
  • From 1960 till 2001 she practices CTM therapy, with specialisation in psychic conditions: she tries to find correlation between occidental and oriental medical practice of the GIEM.

In her work Dr. Eugenia L. Bassani had the privelege of having as Teacher, Guide and intellectual Companion her brother Dr. Bruno Bassani. Graduate Physician from the famous Medical School of the Normal School of Pisa, he became a phisiatric doctor, a neurologist, a great acupuncturist: deep was his knowledge.
His generous character, his open mindness, together with a natural courage induced him to enterprise many new paths of experiences.

Dr. Eugenia L. Bassani didn’t belong to any particular School: she participated to training courses, conferences, conventions, seminars, ambulatory of colleagues in Italy, France and Switzerland, with personal relationship with mentors of various School.

Doctor Eugenia bassani is died on 19th of march 2006.

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